The act of spinning on one foot.

The act of forever spinning, pivoting, re-starting, often with multiple balls in the air.
Otherwise known as real life.

WE BELIEVE that “what to wear” shouldn’t hold us back from anywhere we want to go.

WE BELIEVE in thinking more about our next big idea than the next big trend.

WE BELIEVE in the power of a uniform to propel ourselves forward on the most challenging days.

WE BELIEVE that the quality of our clothing can (and should) match our high standards for every other part of our lives.

WE BELIEVE that making beautiful things also means making them fairly, respectfully, and consciously.

WE BELIEVE that “having it all” isn’t a myth
if we say so and refuse to compromise.

We are Pirouette.


One-and-done dressing that always works. Day to night. Work to weekend. Pirouette is our one-up on the suit. It’s the great equalizer—put one on and get on with it.


Made responsibly and sustainably in the heart of NYC. No compromises, no puffed up claims. We just do the right thing.


Fabrics that fall gorgeously, artist-created prints, a select number of silhouettes because we know they work, limited editions so you won’t see the same dress everywhere.