Pirouette NYC Founders Melissa Lorenzo-Hervé and Kate BallyPirouette is on a mission to save women time. We're conceiving ways to make that happen stylishly and seamlessly.

When one of our founders decided she was going to create the perfect day-to-night dress, she had one thing in mind: her husband's button-down shirts. Impeccably constructed, wrinkle-resistant, and available in a wide range of sizes and colors, they served as the initial inspiration for Pirouette's first shirtdress. This initial piece was designed to withstand the test of time both stylistically and technically - no small feat considering our audience of busy women who wear multiple hats in one day.

By using only the highest grade Italian, Japanese, and Korean fabrics and working with New York City's Garment District artisans, we create small batches of reasonably priced pieces that feature everything a woman needs and wants, from invisible pockets and stretchy materials to hidden zippers and removable tops. The result is a capsule collection of must-haves designed with the insight of an array of women who prioritize quality over quantity and sustainability over trends.

We can't wait to see  you in your new favorite dress!

- Melissa and Kate