Our Story

Hello! We’re the founders of Pirouette NYC,  and we’re so happy you’ve found our site. Together we are a little piece of what hard work looks like for any woman in New York City. As lawyers, mothers, and best friends who love, love, love what we do 365, we needed the ideal dress to wear anywhere, anytime.
— Melissa Lorenzo-Hervé and Kate Bally
One day, I was yet again wearing my beloved, faded cotton shirtdress that always brought me many compliments. Despite its easy and feminine style, most of my friends and colleagues couldn’t see themselves in a similar dress, but really wanted to. They’d always say that every shirt dress made them look too wide, too casual, and especially, too short. It soon hit me that I could find a way to fix this.

I soon began to envision a refined version of the shirtdress, one that could flatter petites as well as taller women... a dress that could take a woman from day to night seamlessly and elegantly.

While sharing my design ideas with Miss Kate, I realized she was just as passionate about filling this void in the marketplace as I was. So we quickly got to work figuring out how to incorporate into one wear-everywhere piece every woman’s top three wardrobe wishes: beautiful, functional, and timeless.
— Melissa
Soon enough, I was trying on Melissa’s very first prototype dress in the dim lights of an Irish pub near our office. That fitting left me feeling inspired to join Melissa in revolutionizing professional fashion for petite women. More friend-fittings followed, and an A-line option was made part of our initial three-piece capsule collection. I think it also formed the beginning of a style story that continues to grow in our day-to-day, creating innovative pieces aimed at solving the perpetual question we all face every morning: What should I wear?
— Kate