The Photoshoot


Pirouette NYC Photoshoot

Melissa and I left my house in Connecticut just after 6am. Thank goodness we had packed the car the night before with dresses, belts, jewelry, shoes, and as much creative energy as we could muster. It was easier than we guessed to find street parking (hooray for small miracles!) on 52nd and 5th. Scrappy startups can always use an extra dollar or two!

The man who was supposed to let us into the gorgeous office space our friend let us borrow wasn't there at 8am...or 8:10am...or 8:15am. After a few thinly veiled panic attacks and some (hopefully) polite phone calls, he showed! We had made good on our promise to bring a bagel, then discovered the office door had been jammed the night before...not to worry! He was (pretty) sure we could still get in. Okey Doke! With a key card and some elbow grease, we were in!

Now all we had to do was coordinate four models, liability waivers, a pregnant makeup artist, and a million new challenges - what could possibly go wrong??

Given all the moving pieces, it's sort of amazing that it all came together. Gorgeous models? Check! Amazing stylists and photographer? Check! Fabulous dresses? Double check! It's hard to think of a better way to put our vision on display.

The shoot went phenomenally well, and we made the most of our Saturday in the big bad city by staging pictures at a swanky law firm office and in Grand Central Terminal, with a few extra shots right in the middle of 52nd street while our incredible do-it-all ninja Nanda held off oncoming traffic! Never a dull moment!

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