It Happened


Pirouette NYC Melissa

It *finally* happened.

After more than two years of working on my dream, here we were, dresses everywhere, ready to show the world (or at least all our friends and family on fb and insta...) How we were going to revolutionize the world of women's wear! (Pardon the dramatics; we excite easily.)

Our first photoshoot!! My partner-in-crime/COO on the go Kate Bally had (1) borrowed the sweetest midtown office space to stage our shoot, (2) recruited 4 gorgeous models to wear our wares, and (3) miraculously scored street parking directly in front of the office building so that we could easily unload the several suitcases of dresses and accessories needed to style the outfits. God I know how to pick 'em...

Pirouette NYC first photoshootThanks to our amazing and dripping-with-talent fashion photographer (Juan Veloz), our make-up artist (Deborah Padilla) and hairstylist (Wedlyne Gilles) we were en route! All we needed was to figure out how to conduct a model shoot having never, ever done anything like that before...Thankfully one of our models (the stunning Nina Natividad) had recently interned at Vogue, where she learned the tricks of the trade assisting stylists and helping manage fashion shoots. She worked double-duty that Saturday, posing to perfection and pulling the best belts and jewelry for each look. It's nothing less than amazing how everything worked out - even the weather!

Not ones to shy away from our own little moment in the sun, Kate and I snuck in some totally unscheduled pretty-me-up time with Deborah and Wedlyne. These two magicians transformed our look from classic start-up-founder-running-on-4-hours-of-sleep-chic to #girlboss entrepreneurs-in-the-making sleek. Then Juan's expert eye knew just how to portray us as fierce founders on a mission to kickstart our passion project: helping every woman go from day to night seamlessly, elegantly, and effortlessly.

Pirouette was officially born on September 16, 2016, and made her public debut on March 30, 2017, on Manhattan's west side.

We will never forget that day, nor all the love and energy this dream team put forth to make this come together.

And yet still...I cannot...believe...This is happening!!

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